Mission Statement:

The mission of "Do the Work Solutions" is to empower individuals dealing with esteem issues from the inside out so they can live a free spirited life in mind, body and soul.

Do the Work Solutions

Jerry Maynard, Certified Life Coach

Inside Story of Jerry:  As a little boy with limited resources I concentrated on things that really mattered.  Having less made me appreciate what matters the most the love of my mother and father the efforts it took to provide for us (my two sisters and brother).  Life as a young boy had many challenges; losing my father at 10 made me look at life differently. I was a boy left to do a man’s job well that’s what I thought. It was really an opportunity to see life for what really mattered like finding direction for life as a young man with no teaching, having someone to say good job or you are going to be something.  Getting older in high school I was teased by my peers of how I dressed, money was scarce but I was close in size of my deceased father so his clothes became my clothes.  I learn to devote my energy in things that mattered like a place of acceptance and not rejection. My life was good because I lived it on my terms not on someone’s expectation of how I should look or what I should wear.  I became developed in an undeveloped world.

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday
11 AM – 5 PM

***Jerry is offering one free 30-minute session to current clients of Esteem***


  • Goal setting
  • Action planning
  • Time line
  • Block removal
  • Spiritual perspective
  • Vision board
  • Physical training


  • Empowerment
  • Freedom
  • Self Esteem
  • Motivation
  • Truthfulness
  • Taking back your life
  • Success
  • Spiritual elevation