Embrace a Natural Way of Life

Embrace a Natural Way of Life

Health & wellness consulting in Greensboro, NC

Whole-body health isn't always your first priority. Sometimes you put your own needs on the backburner to tend to your family, your job and your other responsibilities. As a result, you might see yourself losing sleep, failing to deal with unpleasant emotions, embracing poor eating habits or becoming generally unhealthy. When you feel like you're losing control of your life, turn to Esteem, A Total Transformation.

Esteem is dedicated to providing the Greensboro community with comprehensive holistic health and wellness consulting services. Our wellness coach will work with you on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level to help you take back the reins and turn your life around. Esteem uses only natural methods of healing-if you're on prescription drugs, our consultant will provide alternative solutions that may provide a natural source of healing.

Because we understand that health and wellness isn't one-size-fits-all, every wellness package is customized to fit your specific needs and lifestyle.



Executive Director/Founder, Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant

Donna Nealy is a North Carolina native and the owner of ESTEEM, A Total Transformation, a non-profit health and wellness organization located in Greensboro and Satellite location in Winston Salem, NC.  Donna has received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Science in Sport Studies both from High Point University, High Point, NC.  She has studied and is a dissertation away from receiving her Doctorate degree in Human Services specializing in Social and Community Services. 

Donna is a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition consultant, certified eating God’s Way consultant, wellness coach, OCB and NPC physique competitor, Mental Health First Aid First Responder, Certified Life Coach, Health and Wellness Motivational speaker, workshop and classroom facilitator as well as a mother of four adult children and grandmother of ten.

Donna, along with her Esteem team has helped many turn their health around from eliminating prescription medication, reversing chronic illnesses to putting together action plans for life.  She serves in all capacities. 

Donna was honored to receive the prestigious “Bridge Builders Award” from the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs Inc. in recognition of Women’s History Month Celebrating Women Personal Fitness Trainers in March 2018.  And is an ACHI magazine Women Supporting Women Association, Inc 2018 winner of the Health and Wellness Division and 2019 Health and Fitness Division or the North Carolina Triad/Charlotte area.  She is a new Board member for the International Women’s Ministry Network of Canada.  An organization serving the emotionally hurt woman and helping her to rediscover her value.

Donna a.k.a Coach Donna Kaye’s purpose in life is to fulfill the call on her life to serve God in the ministry/vocation she has been called to and that is deliverance and inner-healing.  She is about her Father’s Business.

Donna absolutely loves helping individuals, especially women, learn their self-worth and living their best life now.  Which it makes sense that her organization motto is “Love Yourself”. 


Ayana Fair

Ayana Fair

Administrator and Nutrition Consultant

Ayana Fair is a graduate of Strayer University with an MBA in Finance and a BS in International Business. She is a candidate for a Ph.D. in Christian Education. Ayana is a Nutrition Consultant and Eating God's Way Consultant both certified through Life Extension Center (TX). Ayana is a proud wife and mother of two beautiful daughters.

Board Members

Tangela Mitchell - Chair
Ayana Fair - Treasurer
Michael Teal - Secretary
Chelsea Hughes - Board Member
Donna Nealy - Executive Director